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Harry ‘wants her around’ and is unaware of the repercussions of Meghan’s acting comeback.

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Meghan is concentrating on her Netflix series and lifestyle brand right now.
through Web Desk  10 June 2024

Harry depends on Meghan being around nearly all the time.
Prince Harry “relies on having Meghan around almost all the time”
Meghan Markle has once again made references to her possible comeback to acting. The former star of Suits gave up acting to become a member of the Royal Family.

The rumours that she will go back into acting have continued because she and her spouse, Prince Harry, are no longer top working royals. Meghan is currently concentrating on her lifestyle company and Netflix series, but if her other endeavours fail, a royal expert speculates that she would pursue acting again.

However, given how much has changed since her previous appearance, which was about seven years ago, it’s believed that making a comeback to the world of on-screen showbiz could be “very difficult”.

Tom Quinn revealed in an exclusive interview with the Mirror: “Harry and Meghan have discussed the prospect of Meghan returning to acting if their business endeavours don’t work out, but a lot has changed since she last acted, so it might be quite challenging to make a comeback.

“On the other hand, there is still Meghan’s fame as a troubled Royal, which might be enough to ensure a starring role in something, but it might be something the senior royals in the UK would dread.”

“The deeper issue is that Meghan isn’t interested in returning to acting,” he said. She is enamoured with the notion of becoming a multimillionaire businesswoman. Nevertheless, Harry would be there for Meghan if she want to pursue acting again, but he is naive and doesn’t know the amount of time Meghan would need to spend away from the camera.”

Quinn continued, saying that Harry “relies on having Meghan around almost all the time” because they are a close family and that any return to acting would need a significant commitment from both of them.



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